Remembering Cell Phone Numbers is Important

4 Mar

This morning I ran a half marathon in New Orleans. My friends Cherie and Carie came to support me and we decided, after much deliberation, to convene after the race “near the trees.” Seeing as how the race ended in a park this was probably not the most well thought out plan. There were trees everywhere. Lots of trees and lots of people.  I searched for Cherie and Carie high and low but couldn’t find them. “Why not just call them?” you might wonder.  That’d be because I ingeniously left them with all my things, phone included.  To add insult to injury I, like most cell phone-reliant people these days, have nobody’s number memorized. What to do? After a good 45 minutes of searching I had a moment of clarity: call my mom, have her call my dad, dad has boyfriend’s number from a missent text incident, have boyfriend call friends (that’s right…I forgot the last 4 digits of Pete’s number…sorry Pete).  Borrowed phone, called mom to tell her to pass the message that I would be waiting by the water fountain outside the medical tent, dad was playing tennis. Drats! New plan. Call old friend! He has Carie’s number! Okay, awesome. Borrow another phone, call friend, wrong number. Apparently the only number I have memorized is my boss’s.  Told the nice medical tent phone owner that if my boss called he should not answer…there would be too much confusion. Then, I saw her… Cherie! A lucky encounter 1.5 hours after the end of the race.  I will now proceed to a tattoo parlour and get some numbers tattooed on the inside of my forearm. Or just make some flash cards.

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