It’s Rebekah…Frankly.

I am a bartender and a student and in the mornings I like to drink coffee and read the news.  This inevitably results in steam coming out of my ears for one reason or another.  On some occasions I am able to condense that steam into a blog post, and on other occasions not so much.  This blog is the result of the former.  Also, I like writing letters to people who bother me.  Those letters are also included.  Oh, and also sometimes funny things happen as I go about my days.  Those will be written about here as sort of an intermission to the fury.  Read.  Enjoy.  And hopefully laugh.

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One Response to “It’s Rebekah…Frankly.”

  1. Mindy November 23, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    ….evidently you write well too! I haven’t read all of your blogs, just the most recent one regarding the sandwich-less adventure across the bridge. More on that in a moment.Ya know, back when I was a youngster, and doing everything to anyone who would dare allow it, (at Cal Arts) I had a girlfriend named Joy. One of my more delightful memories is the one of her calling me ‘Frankly Frank’. Certainly not anywhere near as clever as your blog post, but almost as entertaining. She would gather up all of her strength, look my way and with a totally puzzling look just mutter (and of course I quote) “…..Frankly Frank lets do some lunch….” which brings me to the sandwich you so thoughtlessly made that poor, starving, woman drop. She is still cursing you today, still hungry and still snapping photos or some such other stupid ridiculous and time wasting event such as that….and furthermore, who the fuck do YOU think you are, touching the woman in that way? She was minding her own beeswax, having an enjoyable al fresco meal looking out over the great expanse of Brooklyn, Manhattan and beyond (or ‘so on’ whichever you prefer) when a thoughtless neanderthal, running, jack-ass woman storms by, on the line of her designated area, and practically knocked me into next week! I can hear her in my head telling that story at the Holiday table of her choice….which brings me to where I had started….see you tomorrow!

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