Was that you kissing my boyfriend last night?

12 Jul

Yesterday I received the following message on Facebook:


I really hope this is the same Rebekah I met last night. If not than this message will be even more awkward than it already is. I first would like to apologize for how rude I was last evening. But to be fair I did think I walked in on you and my boyfriend making out. I know that this does not concern you at all this is between him and I, but he swears i’m seeing shit and that it’s not true. And while I do trust him, it’s really easy to believe things you want to hear. I’m sure you understand what i’m saying because most girls go through this situation. So the purpose of this letter is to find out what really happened. Because I don’t want to be made a fool of or be with someone who is going to lie and cheat on me. I’ve been down that road one two many times. But I would really just appreciate the truth. And i’m sorry to have been a rude bitch last night and now to be messaging you about it. I’m sure you think i’m one whacky one.

Anyways sorry to have gotten off on the wrong foot, i’m sure your a lovely person.

And my response:

This actually isn’t the same Rebekah, unless I was somewhere I don’t remember being doing something I don’t remember doing which would be highly problematic. Anyway, good luck figuring everything out.

So there are three things that I am curious about after having read this message and done the most cursory of background checks on the sender, ie I looked at as much of her page as was allowed without us being “friends.”  One, how in the world did she find me on Facebook because all of my privacy settings make it so I am unsearchable unless you are either friends with a friend of mine or super crafty.  Two, did she actually walk in on this other Rebekah making out with her boyfriend?  Three, how did she graduate from college with such…creative…. spelling and grammar?

Also, I would just like to say I feel a little bit like an asshole for posting this because the sender was rather embarrassed by her misidentification of me as the boyfriend kisser but I couldn’t help myself.  It was just too awesome.

2 Responses to “Was that you kissing my boyfriend last night?”

  1. antilles26 July 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    This is so amazing and sorta sad at the same time. Maybe she’s a friend of a friend? Maybe you ladies can work together to track down this other Rebekah: Alleged Homewrecker. Then if that goes well and you become good friends, you can rent a van and go solve mysteries together. You’ve got cats and a Shaggy at home already, just need another a guy to drive the van and “lead” and you’re set.

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