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One Year Blogiversary!

25 Oct

Hooray.  I did it.  One full year of blogging.  I had initially intended on going through all the search terms that got people to my blog and listing the most amusing ones here, but, instead, I will recap a conversation I had with my mom yesterday.  Enjoy.

……ring ring……

Mom:  Hello?

Me:  Hi, mom!

Mom:  How’s my Bekah?

Me:  Oh, I’m good.  I actually called to ask you for some advice but first, guess what tomorrow is?

Mom:  What??

Me:  My one year blogiversary!

Mom:  Really?  Happy blogiversary, my Bekah!

Me:  Speaking of ‘versarys, happy anniversary Mom!

Mom:  Your blogiversay.  Congratulations!

Me:  Mom?  Um…isn’t today your wedding anniversary?  It is October 24th, right?

Mom:  (Silence.)  You know what?  It is!!  Your father is going to play cards with friends and I am going to dinner with the ladies!

Hysterical laughter.

Me:  (Between giggles.) Hey Mom.  Remember that time I called you and wished you a happy birthday and you didn’t even remember it was your birthday?!?

Mom:  (More laughter.)  I do!

Me:  That was funny.

And this, dear readers, is why my Mom and Dad are awesome.  And also why I have a hard time remembering anyone’s birthday.  So when I forget yours, don’t be insulted.  I come by it naturally.

So, happy (one day belated) anniversary, Mom and Dad.  And happy blogiversary to you, blog.  You’re cool.