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It Turns Out I’m Boring

10 Jun

I have always kind of figured that interesting people have interesting dreams.  If you’re interesting it seemed  likely to me that the things that went on within the confines of your skull reflected that.  You would imagine things in your sleep that would make fantastic trips to a psychic or great conversations at parties.  When I had interesting dreams this idea made me feel really happy about my prospects as an “interesting person” but recently my dreams have taken a terrible turn and I have come to the realization that either my lifelong theory is wrong or else I am actually really boring.

A few months ago I had a dream that I was waiting for the bus.  There I was, outside the stop near the bar in which I work, patiently waiting for the bus I take home after my day shifts.  The bus wasn’t coming but I continued to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And then I saw my bus approaching in the distance and I became really excited.  Finally, Dream Rebekah could make her way home.  But then my bus, as it sat waiting for the light to change, morphed from the bus I needed into the bus I didn’t need!  Then, as the bus passed by me the driver leaned out the window and screamed “SUCKER!”  I shook my fist at him and kept right on waiting.  Then I woke up.  The sad thing about this is that I had this dream not once but twice and the second time there was no morphing bus, it was just me waiting.  The whole dream, just standing there at the stop all by myself…waiting.

In another recent dream I got a dog.  He was a brown dog and I named him Sir Todd Allen.  I introduced Sir Todd Allen to my mom on a walk around my hometown and when my mom asked me why I had named him that I told her it was because I thought the name was very “stately.”  Then Sir Todd Allen told me to fold my laundry.  Leave it to me to have a dream in which my new dog talks and he tells me to do something so incredibly dull that it takes all the magic out of it.

Anyway, I would write about more of the boring dreams I have been having but I am afraid it would put all of you readers to sleep.  So instead I will just sit here at my desk, trying to work through my new found anxiety that I am one of the most boring people alive.  I think this is going to be a very fun day.