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I’d like to register a complaint…

18 Jul

First things first.  For those boys out there who tell themselves that women don’t fart or poop and tell their friends that oft repeated “joke” about women being the only things that bleed for 7 days and don’t die — not funny, by the way, never was and never will be — this is not the blog post for you.  For the rest, read on.

I would like to register a complaint with New York City for a severe lack of public restrooms.  Seriously, it’s crazy.  As a woman in the midst of my menstruating years, I do not enjoy having to keep track of all usable restrooms in the city during those few blessed days.  And, furthermore, as a woman with a relatively heavy flow, I do not enjoy being tethered to my house during the more, er, active days.  When in India I was not overly shocked by my need to attend to my situation in a dark, dank, roach and rat infested back room of a YMCA in a small town wearing a headlamp.  That is not, however, something I wish to stoop to in my home city.  Of course, having access to a dark, dank, roach and rat infested back room of a YMCA in a big city, with or without headlamp, would be preferable to tense moments spent sitting on the subway, wishing the train would move faster and hoping against hope that I make it home before the dreaded leak.  And, while I am at it, I would like to register a few more complaints, if I may.  First, to the Johnson & Johnson Company, owner of my beloved OBs, who pulled the product off the shelves for months in late 2010 through early 2011.  When the OBs finally returned (although they still are not stocked by my local CVS, another complaint I would like to register at this time) one of the crucial sizes was decidedly missing:  the purple-colored Ultra.  By now I am sure you understand that as a woman plagued both by a heavy flow and a city devoid of public restroom, these Ultras were my life blood, no pun intended.  And I am not the only one who feels the sting of loss!  A quick search on ebay revealed that a single 40 count box of OB Ultras, previously $9 at my neighborhood pharmacy, are now selling for $40.  (Anyone previously unsure what to buy me for my birthday this year, consider yourself informed.)    Why, oh why did they discontinue such a necessary item for the comfort, both physical and mental, of so many women?  Maybe we can gather some insight through a quote from this Jezebel article:

…if you check out information about OB Super Plus (AKA Ultra), you are greeted with a box asking the question, “Heavy Periods?” Clicking this box sends you to a site called Pelvic Health Solutions, which in turn suggests that if you have heavy periods, you may have menorrhagia, in which case you should find a doctor, go on the some kind of birth control or get a hysterectomy.

As the woman who penned the petition asking for OB Ultra to return writes: “I did find it pretty upsetting that O.B. chose to explain no longer carrying the Ultra tampons by posting a link that implies there is something wrong with those of us who prefer using them.”

There is nothing wrong with me, despite a severe lack of access to public restrooms at semi-regular intervals which, as you know, I have already registered a complaint about.  So, until OB Ultra is returned to the shelves, which I hear will be happening sometime in the near future, I suppose I will throw a headlamp in my bag and go about my day as usual while listening to this Johnson&Johnson song (on repeat) which apologizes to all of us OB Ultra loyalists for the discontinuation of our trusty cotton insert.

Rant over.